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Jun 17, ’16 | Written by Capitol Fire

We at Capitol Fire Sprinkler are happy to introduce to you a new service! Beginning immediately, we now offer testing for your backflow prevention device.

What is a backflow prevention device?

The purpose of a backflow prevention device is to keep contaminants from flowing back into the public drinking water supply. Backflow preventers, also known as RPZs, only allow water to flow in one direction. The devices are required under the New York State Sanitary Code and the Rules of the City of New York. According to the Rules and Code, property owners must install, maintain, and test backflow prevention devices.

What is the required testing for backflow prevention devices?

Section 20-04 ( e ) of the Rules Governing and Restricting the Use and Supply of Water requires the owner of a building with 1 or more backflow prevention devices to test each device on an annual basis by a New York State Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires an annual test to ensure the backflow device is operating properly. The Report on Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Device must be submitted and filed with DEP.

What happens if I don’t perform the required testing?

Failure to comply with the Rules may result in a notice of violation (NOV). There is a penalty of up to $500 for each device that is not tested. To reduce the penalty, you should bring the original signed and sealed test report to the hearing.

For more information about backflow prevention devices, you can review the Backflow Prevention Outreach Program – FAQ from DEP. 

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