The NFPA standard that describes the minimum amount of work that needs to be performed in order to maintain a sprinkler/standpipe system is NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. NFPA25 details a schedule of inspections, testing, and maintenance to be done monthly, quarterly, annually etc. At Capitol Fire Sprinkler, we help building owners throughout New York City to comply with NFPA 25.

Why is NFPA 25 Important?

Once a fire sprinkler/standpipe system has been installed, it needs to be maintained in working condition. This means that we need to conduct inspections to make sure that the equipment appears to be in proper working order, tests to prove that the equipment will operate appropriately, and maintenance work to help prevent equipment from breaking down in the future.

How Does NFPA25 Affect Me?

NFPA25 outlines inspection and testing procedures for different system types. We typically survey a building to determine the system type and components (such as a dry system or a fire pump). We then dictate the inspections and testing that is required by NFPA25 for your property. By following this standard, we can identify deficiencies and make corrections if necessary. The FDNY is enforcing NFPA25 and failure to comply may result in violations and or penalties. Worse, you can potentially be open to defects or an improperly functioning system. Did you receive a violation from the FDNY? Capitol Fire Sprinkler can help. Request service today so we can help with your NFPA 25 compliance needs.

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