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Dec 18, ’14 | Written by Capitol Fire

Local Law 58/09 refers to the color-coding of sprinklers and standpipes. The law is enforced through inspections by the Department of Buildings and Fire Department. Since property owners and contractors are legally obligated to comply with this law, it is important to understand what is required. 

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What is Local Law 58/09 AKA color coding of pipes?

The basic idea behind Local Law 58/09, which went into effect 3/2/2010, is for certain pipes to be painted a particular color based on their function. Having pipes and handles painted according to the system will help local authorities easily determine whether a property conforms to the appropriate safety standards.

Who does this law apply to?

Every building in New York City – both existing and new construction. So no, you’re not exempt. 

What does color-coding involve?

Regardless of size and occupancy type, every building in New York City must paint all exposed standpipes and sprinkler piping red.

Also, all dedicated standpipe valve handles must be painted red, all dedicated combination standpipe valves handles must be painted yellow, and all dedicated sprinkler valve handles must be painted green. 

What exactly needs to be painted?

All dedicated standpipes and sprinklers are required to be painted, with the exception of attachments, gauges, valves, and operable parts other than valve handles. If you’re not sure, refer to the table below.


A Certificate of Compliance with Color-Coding Form

Once you’ve hired a professional to paint all the standpipes, sprinkler pipes and valve handles,  congratulations – you’re now eligible for certification.  A Certificate of Compliance with Color-Coding Form is required to prove that the building is complying with the painting requirements. The certification form must be kept on the premises at all times for Buildings and Fire Department inspection. The form is also available online.

However, not just anyone can certify the color-coding. Owners of buildings with exposed sprinkler piping and standpipes must hire one of the following types of contractors to perform the certification:

  • Licensed master plumber
  • Licensed master fire suppression piping contractor
  • NYS registered architect
  • NYS registered professional engineer
  • A holder of a FDNY certificate of fitness

What happens if I don’t comply with the painting requirements?

Pssst…the deadline for this was June 2, 2010! 

If you haven’t already complied with the painting requirements, you can receive a pretty hefty violation. Failure to hold a Certificate of Compliance with Color-Coding Form has a minimum $500 penalty. And failure to properly paint the standpipe or sprinkler system? A penalty of at least $1,600.

In Sum

Whether you received a violation or realized you’re a little behind on your fire sprinkler requirements, Capitol Fire Sprinkler can help. One of our trained experts will inspect your entire property and tell you what color you must paint particular pipes. After you’ve completed the painting process, we’ll send a representative to confirm that the job was completed properly. If we find that all of the sprinkler pipes have been colored according to the provisions of the law, we’ll give you a certification. 

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