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Did you receive a notice of fire sprinkler violation from the FDNY?

Capitol Fire Sprinkler will provide you with the proper paperwork, scheduling, testing, and repairs in order to guide you through the process of clearing your violations. We can assist with FDNY,  ECB (Environmental Control Board) violations as well as DOB (Department of Buildings) to correct the violating condition. We will work with you to ensure that your sprinkler system is compliant with FDNY requirements.

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The best way to avoid violations is to make sure your fire sprinkler system is regularly inspected and tested by a professional company. Common violations include: 

  • Paint all control valve handles and exposed piping for sprinkler system risers and cross connections.
  • Provide and maintain on the premises a record of the inspection, testing, and maintenance for the sprinkler/standpipe system.
  • Arrange for a 5 year test to be conducted by a licensed contractor and witnessed by the Fire Department.
  • Obtain or produce required Certificate of Fitness for the sprinkler/standpipe system.
  • Post a copy of the Residential Fire Safety Plan and Fire Safety Notice in a conspicuous location.
  • Provide and maintain monthly records for all portable fire extinguishers to be inspected.


What is a cure date?

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What is a DOB violation?

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