Capitol Fire President Named Young Professional of the Year by AFSA

Adam Levine of Capitol Fire Sprinkler Company Receives 2023 Young Professional Award from American Fire Safety Association

Capitol Fire President Named Young Professional of the Year by AFSA

Aug 04, ’23 | Written by Adam Levine

We're pleased to announce that Adam Levine, president of Capitol Fire Sprinkler, has been named AFSA’s 2023 Young Professional of the Year!  This year marks the eighth annual Young Professional of the Year (YPY) Award—presented by American Fire Safety Association’s NextGen Initiative (NGI), which is on a mission to recognize outstanding talent and achievements of newcomers in the fire sprinkler industry. These professionals aged 40 and under can be described by a variety of adjectives—activists and innovators; but by all definitions, NGI’s YPY Award winners are most recognized for how they shape the business landscape with their passion and sense of community. The award also seeks to promote the emergence of new talented professionals and inspire companies to invest even more in the development and excellence of the profession.

This month, Sprinkler Age Magazine featured Adam in an in-depth article discussing his career as a third generation fire safety professional and Capitol Fire Sprinkler Company's long years of success.  Click the button below to download a PDF copy of the article.

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