Standpipe Fire Department Connection


Oct 14, ’14 | Written by Adam Levine

You just received a violation citing hydrostatic testing. The first thing you do is call Capitol Fire Sprinkler to correct it. Right? Right. Capitol Fire Sprinkler then secures a test date with the fire department to perform the test with a fire department inspector present. But you’re not done there, and we’ll tell you why.

For those of you in New York City, did you know it’s been 5 years since your system’s last hydrostatic test? And for those in Long Island, did you know your system has not undergone a hydrostatic test since it was first installed? Mind blowing, we know.

So the important question is: how will you know if your system will pass the day of the test? And the answer to that, our friends, is the pre-test.

Why Schedule a Pre-Test

To help you prepare for your upcoming Fire Department test, we recommend you schedule a pre-test prior to your test date to verify your system is ready. A pre-test is a simulation of the Fire Department test, without the Fire Department being present.  This will allow us to identify any issues that will cause the test to fail.  We can make any necessary repairs to avoid violations on the day of the test.

Still not convinced?

Here are 4 great reasons:

  1. To avoid undesirable consequences if the test fails with the Fire Department present at your building.
  2. It will significantly limit your risk for test failure – saving you time, money and frustration from repeat tests and additional paperwork.
  3. The test is a Fire Department requirement, it is NOT required as part of your annual NFPA25 inspection contract.
  4. The hydrostatic test is performed to verify the condition of your system. There is no way of knowing if the test will pass by conducting a visual inspection, the system must be physically tested.

What Happens During a Pre-Test

Capitol Fire Sprinkler will go to your location to perform the pre-test and notify you as soon as possible with our recommendations. Pending your approval, we will make the necessary repairs to the system and re-test until the test is successful.

We’re confident that by performing a pre-test, your system will pass the test in the presence of the Fire Department inspector.

To learn more about what the test involves, check out our blog post: Everything You Need To Know About The Hydrostatic Test.

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